Jim Keefe

Jim KeefenewJim Keefe is originally from snow drenched Milford, Connecticut. He studied classical piano with Amanda Williams in Milford and Irene Schneidmann at the University of Bridgeport. After a restless youth of playing in deafening rock bands, Jim grew tired of lugging electric keyboards around and devoted the rest of his life to venues that had their own damn piano, which is how he stumbled across the legendary Five Oaks (now defunct) which quickly led to weekly engagements at Roses' Turn (now defunct), Rosie Too (now defunct), and Brandy's and The Duplex (not defunct). He's currently saving souls and making bucks as Music Director of a large suburban church out Jersey. Jim is formerly married to Elaine Brier of Don't Tell Mama fame, and is presumably the father of their three beautiful daughters Madeline, Charlotte, and Zoe.