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Written, Composed and Performed by JAMES DOYLE-KLIER

Author-Performer JAMES DOYLE-KLIER was included in the very last Vietnam Lottery Draft held on February 2nd, 1972 while a college Freshman. His Draft number was 237. His roommate’s number was 11. The “what if” of this Story has the numbers switched. In this Semi-Autobiographical Narrative, young JAMES DAVID CAINE avoids the indignity of being drafted by ENLISTING in an ELITE Vietnam Field program run by COLONEL ROBERT QUINCY MACKY. Little does James know that his first partner and trainer “in-country” MASTER SERGEANT THOMAS ELIJAH DANIELS has fallen in Love with a beautiful and aristocratic North Vietnamese Operative named LI MING SONG and intends to DEFECT. This all puts young CAINE in a perplexing situation. In order to protect his new partner and trainer, he must now LIE to the COLONEL and tell him SGT. DAN has been killed in battle. But if the Colonel ever finds out the truth, young CAINE could be tried for TREASON.

$25.00 cover charge and a 2 drink minimum per person


Seating from 4:00pm

Approximate running time: 65 minutes 

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Show Date & Time 12-28-2019 4:30 pm
Show Ends (approximate) 12-28-2019 6:00 pm
Cover Charge: 25.00
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